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Mr.Parthiv from India visited Da Yuan Cable           Data:2016-04-27     |     Join collection

  On the 21st of May,a client,Mr.parthiv,from India visited Luoyang dayuan cable producing area from Yichuan.

  Some time ago,our colleagues from foreign trade department made communications with Indian clients on their interesting aluminum productsby the platform of B2B.As a precise CEO,Mr.Parthiv personally visited our factory.Accompanied by the manager from foreign trade department andrelevant personnel,he visited 3 aluminum rod production lines

  Mr.Parthiv said that the large factory and the ordered production site assured him on the aspect of cooperation in the future.He also asked detailed information about raw materials,inbound channels,model numbers,checking and verification,quality systems,specifications and prices,delivery,clearance and so on.He also told us he would make active communications with his president in order to conduct practical cooperation between the two sides early.

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