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Warmly welcome customer from Chile to inspect our group           Data:2016-04-26     |     Join collection

  Warmly welcome customer from Chile to inspect our group

  On 22nd Dec 2015,Mr.Esteban Guevara from Chile accompanied by international trade department manager Alice Tang and sales specialist .Elva Jin came to inspect Da Yuan Cable Yichuan production operation on the spot.

  Customer firstly came to factory production operation and inspected about the specific condition of product producing, after that went to quality assurance department with our staff well cooperated to have the product sample spot checked and tested,customer felt very satisfied with the testing result.

  After inspection,Manager Tang guided customer to office and had an informal discussion about the specific details of cooperation,customer felt very satisfied with the company business performance all round and gave very high evaluation about our company management system.

  Lastly,customer expressed to expect to build business cooperation relationship with our company.This time of inspection activity conducted very well,it established the outstanding basis in future regarding the long term cooperation with our company.

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